Having surgery
is no walk in the park.

Let us prepare you before and after surgery.


A new standard of care: Why this Texas practice evaluates mental health ahead of surgery

 PREOP™ Evaluation is the Patient Risk Evaluation and Optimization Program. It’s a mouthful, but in simple terms, we want to help you get everything you need before surgery.

Our assessment process helps provide your physician with all the details they need in order to help improve your emotional and physical health and to ensure the best optimal surgical outcome.


Our Highest Priority

Controlling pain helps to speed recovery following your operation. Our care team wants to help you to safely and effectively manage any pain that you may have after surgery. “Safe pain control” means using medication and other therapies to create optimal pain control with the least amount of side effects.

How it works:

Step 1:  The PREOP(TM) Center will call you to book your appointment.

Step 1, Be Prepared before surgery

Step 2:  You will meet with the entire medical care team at this appointment and discuss your procedure and clear you for your surgery.

Step 3:  We will write the prescription for post-operative pain medications.

Step 4:  The PREOP (TM) Center continues to follow up with your ensuring a speedy recovery and write any further pain medications that are needed.

Step 3, Be Prepared before surgery