What is Postoperative Care?

Postoperative care begins right after your surgery. The care lasts for the duration of your hospital stay and continues after your discharge. As part of the postoperative care, The PREOP center stays in touch with you through your Post-op journey.

Post Operation at Nuhope

How to Prepare for Postoperative Care

At the PREOP ™ Center, we are frequently asked about common scenarios in the postoperative period. Here are some frequently asked questions that we will answer for you:

Will I need any special supplies or medications when I go home?

How long will I be expected
to remain in the hospital?

Will I need a caregiver or physical therapy when I go home?

What side effects can I expect?

What complications should I watch out for?

What things should I do or avoid to support my recovery?

When can I resume normal activity?

What to Expect From The PREOP Center

After your surgery, you will have a postoperative appointment at the PREOP™ Center. If needed, additional pain medications are prescribed at this time. The PREOP™ Center will continue to follow up with you to ensure optimal surgical outcomes.

Step 3, Be Prepared before surgery