Your whole evaluation in just one visit.

When you visit The PREOP Center prior to surgery, you’ll receive comprehensive preoperative testing and clearance prior to surgery.  You’ll have your lab work, chest x-ray, and EKG completed at your visit, as well as receive medical clearance and pain clearance prior to surgery.  The PREOP Center will write for all postoperative pain medications and the Nurse Navigator will educate you on best practices preoperatively to ensure the best postoperative surgical outcomes.

Evaluation Preop Center by Nuhope

Why do I need need a PREOP™ Evaluation?

Every patient must be cleared for surgery. Every surgery, no matter how big or small, carries risk. Our clinical care team includes anesthesiologists and experts in pain control who create an individualized plan for your surgery and postoperative pain control to reduce risks and help ensure a successful outcome. This is all done in one visit at one location to save you time and money.