About Us

The PREOP™ Center is an Evidenced-Based Comprehensive Center of Excellence.

Achieve Better Surgical Outcomes with a PREOP™ Assessment, designed to improve your outcomes and satisfaction by providing best-in-class patient-centered coordinated care provided by a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals who will be responsible for caring for you at The PREOP™ Center before and after surgery.

What is the PREOP Assessment?

Our PREOP™ assessment performed before surgery will provide details to improve physical and emotional health ensuring optimal outcomes. Successful post-operative care, including functional improvement, may require different care pathways with varying levels of support, depending on your individual needs. Surgical procedures and recovery require a cooperative effort from patients, physicians, and healthcare teams. Ensuring you are ready to undergo these procedures by identifying positive factors that could impact successful outcomes is essential to improving physical and emotional health, ensuring an optimal surgical outcome.

Meet The Team


Dr. Bryan Clifton

Medical Director



Analise , RN MSN

Surgical Nurse Navigator